10 common things you’ve been doing wrong all your life!

All of us have become more sensible today & life has made us quick learners in this fast-changing world. But sometimes we do the right things in a universally accepted wrong way. It’s not that we don’t know the right way; it’s just that we haven’t really taught the correct way in the first place!

I was looking for a pair of earphones that sticks into my ear so that it does not fall every now & then when I work out at the gym. Interestingly, I realized I was wearing them wrong all this time. So here in this blog, I’m going share similar things you’ve been doing wrong all your life!

Save your burger from dying in your hands


We all struggle to eat the burger without dropping cheese & sauce from it. First of all, never press the burger from the top. Leave the juices inside where it belongs. If you like to add some sauce, apply it to the bottom of the top half bun. Do not apply it to the side layers alongside the patty. Also, the right way to hold your burger is to place your thumb and little finger at the bottom of the burger and support the top with the other three fingers.

Earphones are worn by curling them over your ear

Image by clubpimble

I was tired of adjusting my earbuds every now & then. Especially the silicone ones don’t fit perfectly. This is because we all used to pop it straight into our ears. But the correct way is to wear by taking them back behind your ears & forming a loop which allows them to form a grip that sticks to your ears. Voila!

Don’t hurt the cupcake. She’s cute!


Image by mommymishmash

The record for eating the most cupcakes in the shortest time is 29 cupcakes in 30 seconds. But you’re a normal human & hardly gonna eat 1 in 30 seconds. So here’s how to eat it properly so that you do not spill the cream & spoil the show. The right way to eat a cupcake is to remove the bottom layer, place it upside-down on the frosting, and creating a nice, mouth-friendly sandwich.

Hold your beer right


Image by Zach Harper

Now you’d be wondering how is to possible to hold a beer bottle wrong. It’s not that hard right? Any idiot can hold the bottle. So don’t be one. Most people hold the bottle from the base where the whole beer would be sitting which ideally is the wrong way to do so according to The Sun. A lukewarm beer is unlikely to taste better than a chilled one. So to preserve the coolness & its taste, one is supposed to hold the beer from the neck (that is what it’s provided for) where there is less beer for your hands to make it warm.

Pour it the right way

Image by Nerdist

Frankly speaking, I realized  I had no idea how to pour liquid from the carton & most of the time I ended up spilling it around the glass. The liquid inside the carton is filled at the atmospheric pressure & when you pour the liquid out the wrong way, the volume of the liquid inside the carton decreases, air bubbles are formed inside which pushes the liquid to move out quickly – glug glug glug! By doing it the other way round, the air is free to rush in & equalize the pour.

Don’t let the poop take control – Do it the right way!

Image by squatty poop

We are very fond of the western culture & we have certainly improved our living habits thanks to them. But not everything inherited from the west is right. Western toilets have been responsible for problems like hemorrhoids, constipation, IBD (Inflammatory Bowel Disease), appendicitis, and even heart attacks. The ideal posture for defecation is the squatting position, with the thighs flexed upon the abdomen. Not going into medical details, the so-called Indian design of toilet is the ideal way of sitting & it solves most of your health problems. Since we are more fascinated by the western way, we cannot replace all the toilets at our home. But what we can do is change the western sitting posture to somewhat the Indian way. The so-called 35-degree position is completely different; here everything can take its natural course & it is recommended by most doctors. Our natural Indian position is normal and among many cultures & is adopted as well right from the childhood. Somehow the Western world is still convinced that sitting on the pot like that on a chair is more civilized.

Now that we all brush, we need to do it correctly

Graphic by Giphy

With so much pain we wake up in the morning & the first task at hand is brushing our teeth. If you brush your teeth after breakfast or rinse with water after brushing, you’re not helping your teeth. All you need to do is that after brushing, spit the excess toothpaste. Don’t rinse your mouth immediately after brushing, as doing that will wash away the concentrated fluoride in the remaining toothpaste, thus diluting it and reducing its preventative effects. For all of this, you at least need to brush!

Eat banana the monkey way!


Image by Giphy

It is easy to just grab the stem & break it to peel off the banana skin. But often by doing so, we break the banana, get a bruise or make it mashy after some unsuccessful attempts. The correct way to do so is to pinch it off from the other black end & go down towards the stem. Don’t believe me? Well, monkeys have been practicing the same way as shown here. And I believe we all are not so different from them!

Paper towels are for everyone. Just take one & leave!

Image by adsoftheworld

Have we ever cared to keep a check on our paper towel usage – at home, office or at other public places? Definitely not. We just love pulling the paper towel – 2 to 3 together at times to wipe our hands. The paper towel is designed for wiping off the moisture & not to absorb the water. The correct way is to shake your hands properly to let go off the water & then use 1 paper towel to dry it. We are wasting 3 times the actual amount of paper towel required globally.

We don’t know how to use aluminum foil


Image by getlovedhere

Every time we try to pull the piece of aluminum sheet, the rest of the roll comes out with it and it’s so annoying. That’s because we’ve been doing it wrong every time. At both sides of the box, there are flaps that need to be pushed in. The flaps keep the roll steady by gripping it from both the sides & keeps the foil rolling every time you take it out.

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