10 useless mobile apps that will make you go crazy

Mobile apps are developed to make our lives easy by serving some purpose. Most of them are made to provide some utility, get things done or at least kill time in some form. Google Play & App store has tons of productive apps to download. However, there are some apps which serve limited or no purpose at all. When I downloaded those apps (those on Android as I’m an Android user) out of curiosity, I really started questioning their presence on Google Play. So after coming across 100s of them across App Store & Google Play, I’m mentioning here the 10 weirdest of all.


Image by Beebom

This was the first app that I came across while I was reading an article on Beebom. You can figure out from the icon that it does not have one. Also in the description, it has been clearly mentioned that the app serves the purpose as promised – to do nothing! When you open the app, it just has a black screen & nothing happens. This is what the app is for – nothing!! I just don’t understand the logic behind developing this application. Though out of curiosity, I downloaded the app to actually see what it’s all about. Also, I guess the 50K downloads are from curious people like me. You know what’s crazier, the app also has a Pro version that brings you a whole lot of nothing stuff for 53 INR. That’s insane!

Useless is a similar app which does nothing.

Download Nothing for Android (free)

The most useless app ever

Image by GooglePlay

The app does stand by its name. The sole purpose of the app is to close the app! Yes, you heard it right! When you open the app, it has the red power button to close the app. Enjoy!

Download The most useless app ever for Andriod (free)

I Am Rich

Image by GooglePlay

It would not matter anymore if you aren’t rich enough. This app will prove the world that you definitely belong to the elite class. The irony is, only those people who have enough money would be willing to download this app! It costs whooping 26,000 INR on Android. The app does nothing. Its presence on the phone is enough to show your riches to the world! It already has 500 downloads means the developer has already earned 1.3 crores for a useless app! Some similar apps are I am Rich Person, I am Rich Premium, & I am Rich Pro costing about 26,000 INR. Download one to show your stupidity by wasting money!

Download I am Rich for Android (26,000 INR)


Image by Beebom

Send Me To Heaven (S.M.T.H) is an app which can break your phone! It is basically a game in which you have to throw your phone towards the sky & the app calculates the height of the throw. The higher you throw, the higher you score. You can also share it with your friends to see who can throw the highest. If you are planning to buy iPhone X this October, you can certainly play this game without any worries by the time you get yourself one X.

Throwy Phone Extreme is a similar app for Android.

Quick tip: Climb a mountain & get the highest score! But I doubt you’ll have your phone in working condition to share it later.

Download S.M.T.H. for Android (free)

iFrench Kiss

Image by iappadapt

I don’t know about your partner but this app will certainly determine your kiss quality! That’s right. Your kiss quality. All you need to do is kiss your mobile screen after starting the test. “Use common sense and do not slobber all over the device” is what the app description says. Or you can use your common sense & not use an app to determine whether you’re a good kisser! Well, if you’re not finding a partner to make out with, this app is all you’ve got!

Download iFrench Kiss for iOS (free)

iShaver Pro

Image by Beebom

This app is for those guys who haven’t hit their puberty but want to feel like one! Also, if you have trimmed your hair but aren’t satisfied & want to feel those falling hair once again, don’t worry. This app’s got you covered! When you start the app, you can see an electric razor. As with every electric razor, with this one, you can start trimming your hair virtually! Choose the length & color of your falling hair & enable the vibration for a lifelike experience. Bored of the same razor every day? Buy new ones for 64 INR & some of you can hit your puberty in style!

Download iShaver Pro for iOS (free)

Hold On

Image by Beebom

If you think you have a lot of patience, this app would test you on that. The game is very simple. When you click on play, you need to hold on a colored square & the timer starts. It records the time period to the point you have pressed the square. It has an option to share it with your friends on facebook as well.

Download Hold On for Android (free) & iOS (64 INR)


Image by iTunes

Feeling thirsty but do not have water around? Don’t worry this app’s got you covered! It has the simulation of water which gets emptied as soon as you tilt your phone screen. You can virtually take bath, shower your plants & wash your hands as well! This stupid app is made for all your water requirements & the water here is 100% pure! Similar to water, the developer has made a whole range of iDrink products including iChocolate, iCola, iMilkiSoda, iBurp, iOrange, iCoffee, iChampagne & iBeer! Facepalm.

Download iWater for Android (free)

There Is No Game

Image by Beebom

As the name says, this app will tell you that this gaming app does not have a game to play. There is nowhere to touch because nothing will happen. Also, the loading screen will show that it’s not loading because there is no game. There is no need to laugh as there is no game to play. When you install the app, there will be a narrator explaining that there is nothing here to play & related quotes which are hilarious! This gaming app has won the award for Deception Jam.

Download There Is No Game for Android (free)


Image by Beebom

If you ever wanted to count a million dollars & feel satisfied, this app will help you out. There is an option available to choose $50 or $100 denomination & you can start counting. You can also use different swipe gestures for counting. It’s basically a completely useless million dollar app!

Download $1000000 for iOS (free)

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